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8 Generations of Our Family Farm

Jennifer Hudson with her children Connor and Jadyn. They are the 7th and 8th generations of the Kinney family farm.

Hello.  I am Lisa Nichols, the current vice-president of your Kansas Agri-Women.  I just want to share a little information about my family’s farm,  My sisters, who are twins, and I grew up on our family farm in Carbondale, which is in Osage County.

We are the sixth generation to live on the Kinney family farm. As we grew up, my dad, uncle and grandfather all farmed together. Since there were no brothers in our family, we were expected to help out with the chores on our farm. We had sheep when we were young so each of us had a pet ewe. My parents have always had cattle. My dad raised registered Horned Herefords and cattle that he fed out and sold. We raised hay, wheat, corn and soybeans. We girls spent many hours in a truck with our mom hauling grain to Pauline Coop.

Fast forward many years, my husband, Kevin, and I have a daughter and son that are the seventh generation to set foot and be raised around the Kinney farm. Kevin and I raise Herefords and “black baldie” cattle. He works part time off of the farm and also farms with his brother and father. 

Our son is also farming with them as he was raised riding and napping in a tractor cab from an early age. Both of our kids know the hard work and struggles of farming. They both help work cattle when they are asked, even the grandkids get in on helping sometime. Our daughter has a son and daughter that are learning what farming is about. This will make the eighth generation.  

Hopefully the family farming tradition will continue with my husband and son for many years.  

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