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Thanks for your interest in advocating for Kansas agriculture! Here are ways you can be part of our mission which is to educate and advocate for agriculture!

Become a member

Annual memberships are $50 and include a membership in our national organization, American Agri-Women (AAW). AAW is a national coalition of farm, ranch and agri-business women. Click here to join.

Purchase a poster-sized (11×17 inches) cardstock grocery sack signs

Share the posters with teachers, businesses, family and friends! Click here to order. $10 each.

Purchase an aluminum grocery sack signs (24×36 inches)

The aluminum signs are great for mailboxes, fences, sheds and more. Click here to order. $100 each.

Contribute to the Mertz Memorial highway sign fund

We’re working to update older signs and add new signs. Your contribution would be most appreciated. Click here to donate.

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