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Kansas Agri-Women Member Jean Goslin Named to National Board

CARBONDALE, Kan. (AgPR) Jan. 19, 2023 — Members of Kansas Agri-Women (KAW) represented the state at the 48th national convention of American Agri-Women (AAW), held recently in Bozeman, Mont.

Jean Goslin of Dwight, Kan., was elected vice president of education for a two-year term.

AAW promotes the welfare of our national security through a safe and reliable food, fiber and energy supply. Since 1974, AAW members have worked together to educate consumers, advocate for agriculture, and offer networking and professional development opportunities.

KAW is one of AAW’s first affiliates. KAW focuses on ag education and advocacy. Its motto is “From Producer to Consumer with Understanding.” The organization is known for its “One Farmer Feeds” highway signs that promote agriculture’s contribution to the state, along with other ag advocacy projects.
About Kansas Agri-Women

Kansas Agri-Women focuses on ag education and advocacy. Its motto is “From Producer to Consumer with Understanding.” Find KAW online: and (@KSWomen4Ag).

American Agri-Women elected and installed officers for 2023 at its recent national convention. Officers included (from left to right): Jean Goslin, Kansas, vice president of education; Laura Hart, Texas, vice president of communications; Kathy Goodyke, Minnesota, treasurer; Arlene Kovash, Oregon, secretary; Rose Tryon Vancott, California, first vice president; and Heather Hampton+Knodle, Illinois, president.
Past President Karolyn Zurn, Minnesota, is not pictured.

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