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Quilting for Friendship

The wildfires in Paradise, Calif., devastated the homes of many, including our friend, Rose from California Women for Agriculture. She, her husband and their pets sped away from the fire, leaving everything behind. Their home and all of their possessions were lost in the fire. Rose shared with us that the quilt she had won at an American Agri-Women convention, something she treasured, was one of those possessions.

The quilt was made and donated by long-time Kansas Agri-Women member Wanda Kinney, who has donated many quilts over the years to AAW and KAW fundraising efforts. When Wanda heard the news, she decided to make another quilt especially for Rose. Her daughter, Lana Meyer, another Kansas Agri-Women member, wrote a poem that was stitched to the quilt.

At the 2019 AAW convention in Tigard, Ore., hosted by Oregon Women for Agriculture, KAW members surprised Rose with the gift, who was overwhelmed.

Check out the beautiful quilt and the memorable poem. And, let’s all be thankful for true friends!

Kansas Agri-Women member present a quilt hand-made by Wanda Kinney to Rose Tryon, our friend from California Women in Agriculture, to replace the quilt Rose lost when her Paradise, Calif., home was destroyed by a fire. Pictured from left to right are Lana Meyer, Lisa Nichols, Rose Tryon, Wanda Kinney, Donnell Scott, Jean Goslin and Lesley Schmidt.
Lana Meyer of Kansas Agri-Women, who is Wanda’s daughter, wrote this beautiful poem that was stitched into Rose’s quilt.

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