Kansas Farmer article: Kansas Agri-Women show national leadership in education

State’s members have led American Agri-Women education effort for three consecutive years.

P.J. Griekspoor | Dec 13, 2018

If you glance at just the last three years of national leadership positions, you’d think Kansas Agri-Women are big on education. Lesley Schmidt of Park City was elected as vice president of education for American Agri-Women for the upcoming year, becoming the third Kansan in a row to fill that seat.

She replaces Jean Goslin of Dwight, who served as vice president. Goslin, in turn, took over for Donnell Scott of Manhattan.

If you take a look at overall American Agri-Women history, however; you’d probably arrive at the more accurate conclusion that Kansas Agri-Women are big on leadership.

“Kansas has always been one of the groups willing to step up and get involved,” Goslin says. “Yes, we do have a heavy emphasis on education. Like all ag groups, we have developed a heightened awareness in the past several years about the importance of education consumers about their food. There are so many misconceptions out there that it is a full-time job just getting the word out.”

The vice president of education also oversees projects for Ag in the Classroom; helps with education for members; and leads outreach to college students.

But, Goslin says, if you look back on the history of AAW, Kansas women have been willing leaders in all capacities.

“I think we may be the only state group to have three past national presidents,” she says.

KAW, founded in 1974, was one of the first state affiliates for AAW, and Jean Pettibone of Kanorado was the first Kansas women to lead the national group early on. Jean Mertz and Chris Wilson are also among the past national presidents for AAW.

“Kansas has a strong history of stepping up and taking action on something we believe in,” Goslin says. “And certainly, education is something I believe in.

Read more in Kansas Farmer magazine:

3 IN A ROW: Three vice presidents of education hail from Kansas. They are Donnell Scott (left) for 2017, Lesley Schmidt for 2019 and Jean Goslin for 2018.

1 thought on “Kansas Farmer article: Kansas Agri-Women show national leadership in education

  1. Jeanne Mertz was the first Kansas president (1986-97). Jean Pettibone served ten years later, 1996-97.


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