Join Us: Feb. 9 Meeting in Burrton, Kansas

The South Central chapter is pleased to host the meeting!

Our meeting starts with a presentation at 10 a.m. at the Stinger Manufacturing plant, 302 Dean St, Burrton, KS 67020. The company manufacturers and distributes the world’s fastest self-propelled bale wagon, cube-line square bale wrappers, & baled biomass transport equipment.  View a video of the world’s fastest balestacker,

The Stinger Stacker will handle 8 bales at a time with 4x4s and up to 12 bales at a time when handling 3×3 or 3×4 bales. 

Brief background:  “We grew one piece at a time.”

It started as an idea to make handling hay easier on the Matlack farm in Burrton, KS. Over 22 years later, brothers Larry and Bill Matlack have more than 600 machines scattered from New York to California. And the company has gone from employing three people in 1992 to 24 today. “We grew one piece at a time,” Larry Matlack said, noting there are always risks and concern when someone ventures out and starts a business. “But we initially had family support who believed in the idea and, soon after the sales began, we had support from our local bank.”

After the tour, we’ll have lunch and the business meeting at The Barn, 307 W, Dean St, Burrton, KS 67020. Check out the menu here:
662 people recommend the restaurant on Facebook.· People talk about “best chicken fried chicken,” “fresh mashed potatoes” and “fried green beans.”

See you there!

Lesley Matlack owns The Barn in Burrton and sold 10,000 chicken fried steaks in the first 11 months of being open. TRAVIS HEYING THE WICHITA EAGLE

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